Monday, March 16, 2009

smooth lines: Shashi Week 2009 edition

After discussing a terrible pick-up line in my last post, I decided it would be appropriate to commemorate Shashi Week 2009 with a brief look at some fun lines from one of the best sweet-talkers in cinema.

Whether the line is spoken in jest,

devoid of any false modesty,


or surprisingly bitter,

he always brings the charm.



bollyviewer said...

Another member of Shashi-pradesh! Yahooooooo!!!! :-)

He certainly had a way in smooth lines. But not as much as the subtitles on the Neend Hamari Khwaab Tumhare caps seem to indicate. If I remember correctly, he is actually being self-deprecating and claims that it is his style (not that its his style of flirting!)

Cindy said...

Interesting. You never quite know when you're relying on subtitles.

Beth said...

Yay! Fab post - and a topic that clearly needs more researched. I just screencapped the living daylights out of Neend Hamari too and loved that particular sequence. :)

Cindy said...

Further research is definitely required. I was somewhat hampered by the fact that a quarter of my Shashi films are out on loan, and I've only seen 25.5 of his films anyway.